For a sustainable future: Landmarken family invests in Concular


We are investing in a sustainable future. To this end, the Landmarken family is investing in the start-up Concular, which has set itself the task of transforming the real estate and construction industry towards a circular, sustainable economy. Together with other partners, the Landmarken family has participated in Concular's current financing round, in which the start-up was able to raise a total of 2.5 million euros.

"This investment is a further step in the Landmarken family's cradle-to-cradle strategy, which we are consistently pursuing with our Moringa project in Hamburg's Hafencity, among other things," says Jochen Hermanns, member of the Landmarken management team and Managing Director of Stadtmarken GmbH. "Buildings are responsible for around 30 percent of all CO2 emissions. That's why sustainability in the construction sector has always been a hugely important issue for us as project developers."

As the Landmarken family, we want to make cities more liveable and attractive by firmly anchoring sustainability in all three dimensions - ecology, economy and social issues - in our processes. Concular is the right partner to accelerate the urgently needed transformation and offer solutions that can be used across all markets.

The now 65-strong team at the PropTech start-up based in Stuttgart, Berlin and Düsseldorf is accelerating the circular transformation of the construction industry and investing in its digital ecosystem for future-proof and circular real estate. With a recently developed DIN standard and the associated app, demolition projects, for example, can be assessed and dismantled in a circular way. Software solutions help architecture firms to plan sustainable buildings and create digital building passports. Thanks to the new funding, the scalability of the software applications is to be accelerated.

"We are delighted that investors have placed their trust in our team and our vision of a circular construction industry. With our solutions, we want to close material cycles holistically. Our ambition is to change the construction sector sustainably in the truest sense of the word," says Annabelle von Reutern, Head of Business Development at Concular. "This requires strong partners, a shared vision and the courage to change."

Concular co-founder and Managing Director Dominik Campanella confirms this: "We are working with strong partners and a broad network to implement a future without waste in practice. Our networked software solution, which can be used to significantly optimize life cycle assessments, circularity, costs and ESG compliance - whether for new buildings, renovations or demolitions - helps us do this."

Landmarken has been investing in BitStone Capital's Real Estate & Construction Tech Fund since 2020. The fund invests in young PropTech & ConstructionTech start-ups that have the potential to revolutionize the construction and real estate industry. The Landmarken family will continue to consider investments in the future-oriented development of the industry and in industry-related technologies.


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