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The ecoPARKS team consists of experienced employees with a total of 15 years of experience in the field of industrial and commercial real estate, having developed over two million square meters of production and logistics space during this time. ecoPARKS stands for the unity of economy and ecology.

We believe that these cannot be separated from each other, but rather complement each other perfectly. We build modular commercial and industrial properties, tailored to your needs.

We focus on green construction

We build modular commercial and industrial properties. Flexible, adapted to your needs. An additional argument for "green" construction and ecological operation. We would be happy to advise you on optimizing your CO2 balance and the resulting benefits.

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Industry and commercial construction in the green sector.

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Building has become increasingly demanding in the last ten years. This is compounded by the growing importance of the shift towards ecologically responsible construction. New standards and procedures often clash with existing - and therefore more cost-effective - habits. We want to show you how you can implement your project with us in an ecologically and economically optimal way.


The best of everything

Over the decades, many processes and products have established themselves because they are efficient and economical. We make use of this experience and combine it with the necessary modern balance of ecology and economy. In doing so, we have an excellent team of specialists who are pioneers in the field of CO2-optimized construction in the industry.


Holistic Strategic

The ecoPARKS GmbH has set itself the goal of establishing a new standard in the market and aligning environmental, social, and economic goals: With our urban planning expertise, we develop entire neighborhoods and commercial settlements that responsibly integrate into their surroundings. By enhancing and revitalizing urban landscapes with our ecoParks, we can create real added value for cities, their residents, and the environment. Especially with large-scale units, known as "Big Boxes," the sensitive integration into the urban or natural environment is one of our top priorities.


Sustainable actions pay off

Who acts sustainably enjoys many advantages. By benefiting from the added value of sustainability, collaboration becomes more successful. Municipalities and politics can be better involved; employees identify with the company and are more motivated; valuable talents are easier to recruit. Additionally, you conserve and save resources and energy, effectively connecting ecology with economy. Acting sustainably demonstrates style, as it embodies a consistent standard of quality.

What we stand for


New mindset, new construction method

You get exactly what you need: A small technology campus with integrated service providers such as catering and hospitality; a production hall with open-space offices and a bio-canteen; a AI-controlled production hall with an air taxi landing pad. Or a never-before-seen mix of everything. New business models and industries are growing daily and need new building concepts.

But even traditional industries can become more ecological and attractive for customers and staff through economically precise construction. In addition, flexibility in usage is an important aspect in terms of sustainability today and tomorrow!


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We are ecoPARKS


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